Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new kind of stocking stuffer - STOCKS in your Socks!

This Christmas, stocks are at an all time discount. Why not spend your Christmas dollars on stocks for the whole family? After all the youngest of us will be around to realize the longest term rewards of their presents. While parents will maintain the families stock portfolio, and set certain rules*, a young man with 400 shares of say, Ford (under a dollar a share, last week), or one share of Apple at almost $90! may pay closer attention to the news, their math studies and learn something about the stock market too. Getting into the market is easier now than ever with some brokers offering attractive deals. By printing out fake certificates on your computer you can have a physical symbol of your gift for your child to keep (and a record of the transaction). The key is that the stock be in an area that interests the "holder" in some way and has a good chance of being in business for a couple of years or so.

*Rules that I would include are no trades for first 3 months to a year, and then only tradeing for other stock or diversification until a certain age be it 12 to 21 and then for specific purposes as worked out by the principals.

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