Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Kingdom of Heaven is Here! Comment Section

Have no fear, though all review copies are in error, they are being corrected, sentences clarified and sections reordered to make this book more easily accessible and heresy free. Please post your observations and I will post the corrections accordingly. The section on "Abuse" has been redone, for example, and "Consciousness" (of God) remaining a sticky issue and major remaining question has been changed to awareness in some sections.

A Glossary of Terms with references though a great suggestion may end up waiting for the next book though and an index will eventually be added. The second book in the Zap Theology series will deal with relationships and the ensuing subject of ethics. For example, if we spend hundreds of dollars on a meal, and those people, that we gave the money to, spend it foolishly; are we in anyway responsible? Does whether we know this or not matter?

Having just returned from a river trip, I am stuck by the simple fact that the flight of a two person canoe is a great metaphor for relationships. Have you noticed that many time the paddlers must paddle on opposite sides of the boat to keep the course true. Not always though. How they feel about this interplay has an important effect on the enjoyment of the paddlers as well as the speed and efficiency with which they will reach their goal.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Atheists wanted!

With regards to the poll that found most Americans would not like for their daughter to date an atheist, I have found that atheists are actually a quite caring group of concerned citizens, in general. Many work for charities. Some are Buhdists, but perhaps some are Christians that do not know it, or do know it and just don't believe in their current concept of God. If atheists did not doubt God, but were sure that God doesn’t exist, they would have chosen to... define God as a delusion, that would be nothing more than a parlor trick, but this is not what they choose to do! Real atheists are constantly searching for Ideas of God that they can, nay must, believe in. However, because they question the faith of the religious, they make us uncomfortable. This effort however should be commended. As Kierkegaard stated, doubt, being an ultimate concern is a form of faith. Atheists are a sort of people that will not merely believe; they will test these beliefs, making them, once they figure things out, the very type of thinkers that religions will need for survival in the modern, scientific world.