Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republicans Rush to the Right

Almost as amazing as the speed of decoupling of the world's means of production is the Republicans, what is left of them, rush to the right. It is as if they are tots on a teeter totter with a big bully and must lean all the way back to maintain equilibrium. The Republicans point of view is so insolated from the majority of Americans that they are unable to see that the Democrats have cornered the markets on both left and center. The danger is that they fall all the way off and an even smaller tot will have to move forward to take their place. Will it be the old stand by Libertarians or the Ultra-eco greens? Barring the candidate or platform that can seamlessly bridge the two: Libereens (People that believe government spending is bad for the environment?)? This doesn't give either, or at worst both, much of a chance. Yet it is still not too late for the Republicans, there is time for them to come to their senses on environmental issues and show that their are better, more efficient and sure ways to meet those goals than Gore's Cap and Trade system.