Monday, May 25, 2009

North Korea commemorates Memorial Day with it's biggest firecracker ever!

What does North Korea's latest nuclear test show us? For one thing, making a nuclear weapon is not as difficult as we have been led to believe, or as we would like the world to believe. That, depending on the Earth to sustain us has, at best, a limited future. That, as long as we are still here on Earth, international boundaries are not as important as international peace. The best way we can honor our Veterans is to realize that an unending series of wars no way to run an economy is a luxury we can no longer afford. We must turn our remaining resources, our treasure, towards making the world a better place for those living in its poorest regions, for we can no longer afford the ecological disasters poverty, strife and conflict produce. It is now waste not, want less. We must buy local, think global. In my own family, I have found we can cut 25% from the budget, without really suffering. But we can go further. As waste loses its appeal socially, we can expect this to become a worldwide trend, somewhat similar to what is considered "beautiful" in terms of the female form. However now our tastes change faster. Already the auto makers' advertising has decreased and is shifting its focus from gas-guzzling super fortresses to technical intelligence, safety and miles per gallon. We, in the U.S. can eat less meat, and grow more vegetables in backyard gardens and city farms. Backyard composters and even Chicken tractors are becoming more popular in urban and suburban locations. This may not bode well for the current or future GDP but we must remember that the real humanitarians want humans to survive longer than this Earth, (longer than this Sun even).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Death of the G.rumpy O.ld P.eople

It has become obvious to many former and middle of the road republicans that the party can no longer win national elections, and that it is likely to continue to deteriorate. Future challengers on the National scene are likely to be the libertarians, whose already increasing popularity among Regan-style republicans and conservatives that do not share the GOPs recent hypocrytical schizophrenia could be joined by rank and file taxpayers as gas, liquor, parking, local, property, state income and federal taxes, (I know I missed a bunch!) rates rise. One the other hand and the key reason that the Libertarians might win are the greens who can take the far left and even some of the middle of the Democratic party based on the platform that Obama has not moved quickly enough or in the correct direction on the economy, ecological and climate issues, the wars, and the prosecution of war crimes, even against democrats... [QUOTE who="Jones"]Governor Huntsman is clearly a Marxist liberal in the GOP who 'jumps ship' like Arlene Specter did few weeks ago.
Huntsman will get more loans from China to support the money reckless spending madness of the African Muslim dictator China style Barack Hussein Obama.
Governor Huntsman crossed the aisle to serve the Democrats Marxist agenda as a liberal who does not belong in the GOP.
Huntsman is a liberal like McCain who crossed the aisle more than he stays in the other side of the aisle because he represents the other side of the aisle more than he represents the GOP side of the aisle.
GOP will not survive as a party because it is ruled by liberals that represent the Marxist pro-Islamic Dictatorship of Obama and the Democrats and the rule of government over the industry, banks, insurance, and automaker plants like in China.
Crossing the aisle by the Governor Huntsman is similar to the crossing of Arlene Specter, which was another Democrat who failed the GOP from within.
It is time to create a third Libertarian party that will defeat both GOP and the Marxist Democrats since GOP lost its bearing as the conservative party and seem to be non repairable party with no ideology.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fire the Unthinking Bum

I can just hear the Comedians now: White House military attacks New York.... Shaking buildings and knocking Mrs. Franklin's signed Patrick Ewing rookie card and a herd of antique china elephants off the Knicks-ka-nack shelf, or was it caused by the thunderous evacution of every family in the building's 32 floors, all down the fire escape, behind the wall that held the percious keepsakes in a stampede to flee the building? "First I thought it was an Earthquake, then I heard it was bin Ladin." One out of breath evacuee puffed.

The sad thing is that it isn't funny. It's very bad unthinking politics at it's worst. It makes the current administration look amateurish. Exactly, when they need to be developing the nation's trust. Let's see what the headlines look like, shall we?

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Smart power: White House freaks out New ...
An Air Force One lookalike and two F-16s buzzed the Statue of Liberty in New York ..... He is out of the White House now,does not have the power to pull off these ... Is it your belief the next attack by some guys in caves will take out a city? ..... here ...

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White House Official Apologizes for Air Force One Photo Op in New
But for people who work in the New York financial district, the event brought back nightmares of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Numerous buildings in lower Manhattan evacuated in a panic during this morning's false alarm. ... »White House Official Apologizes for Air Force One Photo Op in New York City; Updated 9 Minutes Ago...

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Air Force One flyover sparks panic in New York World news ...
Apr 28, 2009 ... President Barack Obama was furious, a White House official who did not .... Air Force One photo op causes panic in New York. 28 Apr 2009: ...

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Whole Foods, Cows, and Alcohol

The whole food movement, not to be confused with WholeFoods market, would say if you have to read the ingredients on your food at all you’re probably not eating right. These people eat food that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, sometime literally! Just as the Sourdough bread maker would keep back a bit of dough to start his next batch, these folks insist that leaving food items out in the open air where the gather the bacteria and yeasts etc floating in the air and then fermenting (?) or growing, I would say these, say vegetables or pickles, then eating them will actually be very healthy for you, especially because the contain the bacteria from your environment. I’m this a little scared of some aspects of this. I do know that for other people, such as myself, carrying a lot of extra weight, especially during the summer is even more dangerous. Also for our planet eating a lot of meat, especially corn-fed beef is bad if only because it requires so much in terms of resources to produce. The quite notable exception to this would be cows that eat the waste products of alcohol production, the fermentation process here actually makes the nutrients more available to the cows digestive systems, this means the cows need to eat much less for a greater food value. The meat of these cows, and range-grazed and unfinished (i.e. not corn-fed right before slaughter), is also healthier for humans to consume. But how do you know you are getting this better form of beef? The whole food folks would take you closer to the old family farm; I’ll call it the neighborhood or town farm, sitting next to a small to medium sized distillery, whose livestock are fed the waste materiel wet with the yeasts still growing on them. By the way, in this case, the cows’ waste products may in turn be used as fertilizer, in a crop rotation system that divides the farm(s) immediately surrounding the distillery into sections that all have access, one or two at a time to the distillery, and the remainder would be plowed and used to grow crops, some of which in turn would be fermented. The size of this system is still at some point limited. Some of the alcohol produced by the distillery would be used to fuel the vehicles of the village. Depending on the size to the town it might even make sense to supply the surrounding community’s “gas” stations. Between these fields and in areas difficult to farm, orchards could be grown appropriate for the climate, after harvest the cows and other livestock could be rotated in the clean up and make their magical deposits. Regardless, it will still be healthiest and most economical to consume less meat than in the past.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Real (super) Heros keep their Identity a Secret

“The real heroes are the Navy, the Seals, those who have brought me home.”

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republicans Rush to the Right

Almost as amazing as the speed of decoupling of the world's means of production is the Republicans, what is left of them, rush to the right. It is as if they are tots on a teeter totter with a big bully and must lean all the way back to maintain equilibrium. The Republicans point of view is so insolated from the majority of Americans that they are unable to see that the Democrats have cornered the markets on both left and center. The danger is that they fall all the way off and an even smaller tot will have to move forward to take their place. Will it be the old stand by Libertarians or the Ultra-eco greens? Barring the candidate or platform that can seamlessly bridge the two: Libereens (People that believe government spending is bad for the environment?)? This doesn't give either, or at worst both, much of a chance. Yet it is still not too late for the Republicans, there is time for them to come to their senses on environmental issues and show that their are better, more efficient and sure ways to meet those goals than Gore's Cap and Trade system.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Republican's Attack on the Demacrat's Plan to Save the Economy

For most Americans the current Republican tactic of complaining that the Democrat’s stimulus package is too large, falls on deaf ears. The reason for this is simply that the Republicans stood idly by while trillions of dollars were squandered in Iraq, on foreign oil, and on interest to China to fund the multi-trillion dollar deficit Obama was left with. Trying to deny him the means to do anything about it now seems hypocritical at minimum. A more thoughtful strategy would be to suggest by supporting failing Industries and financial strategies of the past we are preventing the economy from being about to naturally adapt to the new economic landscape. Restructuring State and Federal taxes, funding groundbreaking energy research, giving small grants to small and medium companies and learning institutions trying new ideas can help our economy find new, practical answers. The free market will determine the winners. If the French can safely burn their spent fuel rods through reprocessing in breeder reactors, how can America not take advantage of our nuclear waste and this technology? Why should we encourage the big three to manufacture an overabundance of vehicles that anyone can buy for a song used? Especially when they could be partnering with GE to produce and deploy wind turbines as they (GE) already do, with foreign companies overseas? We will need more light-rail, CNG busses and light transport in the new economy, GM could make those. Both of these companies (GM and GE) already have taken US taypayers' money, maybe we should just convert our shares to voting shares and force them to do so. The right way to "save" to economy is to help it "change" to face the changing world, not to prop up economic strategies already proven to fail, that waste resources, new strategies need to succeed.

Nathan Benefield
January 25 at 10:50am
You nailed it Rick, Obama is merely continuing the failed policies of George W. Bush. More spending on "infrastructure", more grants for "alternative energy", tax "rebates," more money for Medicare and Medicaid without reforming those programs. We tried this "fiscal stimulus" in 2001 and in 2008 - and it failed. Haven't we learned our lesson. If government spending leads to an economic boom, after 8 years in which Bush increase federal spending almost 70% (about twice as much as under Clinton), shouldn't our economy be booming? "The free market will determine the winners" - sounds good, but how will that work when the government is choosing winners to give taxpayer money to?FYI, light rail is a boondoggle, everywhere it is tried it end up costing taxpayers more and delivering few riders than promised. If I (as a taxpayer) am forced to become a shareholder in GM, I certainly don't want to force them to get into that business.

Frederick Kardatzke
Today at 9:42am
You nailed it Rick, Obama is merely continuing the failed policies of George W. Bush. answer- The reason for this is how bad of shape the economy is in thanks to the Republican party driving our economy into a huge hole under the ground. Obama feels forced to prop things up, which you are right, is a mistake. More spending on "infrastructure", more grants for "alternative energy", tax "rebates," more money for Medicare and Medicaid without reforming those programs. We tried this "fiscal stimulus" in 2001 and in 2008 - and it failed. Haven't we learned our lesson. If government spending leads to an economic boom, after 8 years in which Bush increase federal spending almost 70% (about twice as much as under Clinton), shouldn't our economy be booming? answer - The problem with Bush spending - it went overseas to destroy Iraq and line the pockets of the rich, who do not spend most of it, but hide increasing quantities of cash in foreign banks, and did not to produce anything in or for America."The free market will determine the winners" - sounds good, but how will that work when the government is choosing winners to give taxpayer money to? Answer - Clearly we are not going to have a completely "free" market in the US under the Republicans of the Democrats. We need to set up a new tax structure that gives incentives for planet and America saving behavior.FYI, light rail is a boondoggle, everywhere it is tried it end up costing taxpayers more and delivering few riders than promised. If I (as a taxpayer) am forced to become a shareholder in GM, I certainly don't want to force them to get into that business.Light rail and CNG bus production have been a profit maker for the companies that produce them (in Wisconsin) You need to look, instead of at the Gross profit of light rail at the net effects of it. Less traffic on the roads (which are subsidized by government) save us fossil fuels and give us alternatives when the foreign oil producers shut off supply. Before the Feds build the Interstate system there were many more thriving light rail companies operating and profiting in the US. But the greatest unrealized benefit (at least by the Republican party) is that it allows the urban poor to search for and hold jobs far from the urban blight which they live in, giving them a way out and the USA a new source of taxpayers instead of additional burdens.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life in the New Economy

Have you lost your job or been downsized to part-time status? You may have thought having less work, you would have more time for an exercise program, taking up a forgotten hobby, or visiting friends and relatives. As you start putting more time into being greener, eating healthy, renewing, reusing and recycling, doing more for yourself around the home front and buying or bartering and trading you find they all take time and energy. Even though some of these activities do not make you the big money that you used to get in the old economy, they directly benefit your life, especially in the long run. At least generally, they are exercise.
We, as Americans especially, but as the capitalistic world in general have paid far too much attention the the gross numbers, GDP, Gross Profit, Gross margin, gross income. We need to start looking at the NET. When you start looking at the net, big picture wise, you start to realize that instead of merely acting for your body, or even your family is way too limited. Too limited to even be in your own, or your family's best interest. Long term, we need a bigger sense of self. Not one that is acting for the Whole in only the Here and Now, one that is acting here and now for the Whole with respect for the past and in the interests of the Future. If we save a gallon of gas, say, we have saved the work of the drillers to find and pump it out of the ground the refiners, storage facilities and shippers and retailers that brought it to me, the financiers that make this infrastructure possible and what they would have spent their profits on etc: And we have saved that resource for the future when they will be able to use it for polymers and plastics and other things we can't imagine yet.
Will this result in an economic downturn. Gross-wise and now-wise, yes; but we get a longer lasting world with healthier people to enjoy it so net-wise we win. Do we need 3 big automakers? No, but we do need manufactures. We need insulation, windmills and turbines and solar cells and cell phone towers. If we are to depend on big SUVs less in the future, we will need light transport, public rail and CNG delivery systems. We will continue to need drill rigs and earth movers. We will need an underground superconducting super-secure electricity and data backbone. We will want Household size easy and efficient composting systems. The new economy needs a lot of new things but three big auto companies? No, sorry. Can't you learn to make some of the things we do need though? Since GM and GE both took money from the government can't they work together to manufacture the wind systems GE in already producing and using overseas? I encourage you to take the long view and not to squander the country's resources propping up the status quo which further wastes our resources by producing unneeded vehicles and jobs that do not have a net positive effect.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why USPS can't make money;(

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toward a healthier meatloaf

CB's SCD GF/CF Meat loaf

Preheat oven to 325

1 lb ground chicken
1/2 small ripe pumpkin or 1 package frozen squash
3/4 c hazelnut flour or other ground nuts
2/3 cup finely diced pickled beets, carrots or cauliflower
2 eggs
2 T ground flaxseed mixed with 6 T boiling water in small bowl
1/2 c salsa verde with cilantro and green olives
2 t salt
1 T Italian seasoning
1T Oregano
1 t sage
1t thyme
1t Hungarian 1/2 sharp paprika
1t Baharat . spice
2 cloves garlic minced
1 shallot minced
1/4 c minced onion
1 can drained green beans
1/2 green pepper finely diced
1/2 red pepper strips
1/2 cup shredded carrots
1/2 c lentils

Possible Substitutes:
Steamed Cauliflower (1/2 head) and carrots (2/3 c) for pumpkin
Double eggs or double flaxseed mix to eliminate the other
Lamb or turkey for chicken

Mix all ingredients in heavy duty mixer on med-hi speed until it is a mealy thick soup add chicken gradually until all is well blended. Pour into oiled large bread pan (4 x 10 x 3), smooth out and top with ketchup, diced tomatos and shallots, or salsa. Cook 325 for 1 hour or until knife comes out clean and meat loaf is slice-able.