Friday, September 19, 2008

Special Report-Forbes Almost Got It Right!

Special Report
The Forbes 400
The Forbes article and commentary on NPR Forbes spokesman notices the rich are not getting richer but remaining stagnant in their income. They went on to note that this is not good for the "rest of us" or the 'little' man because when the rich man is getting richer that correlates with gains in amount of work and productivity for the American worker. What they failed to realize is that it isn't the rich spending their money that gives the masses a job but the expenditures of the masses that drive the economy and lead to the profits that make the rich richer. So, the rich getting richer is a sign but not the cause of a healthy economy. In order to fix this economy it is the little man that we need to think about for our society is only as productive and healthy as its weakest citizens. Universal health care and a move to a greener, healthier culture that gives Americans an alternative to the tyranny of today's big oil economy.
It is most interesting that Bush-McCain oversaw the deregulation of the financial system that led to the current failure and now is bailing out those that begged for the deregulation so that they could further leverage their incredible profits. And though the little man would be hurt by economic downturn, the rich, especially the rich that made bad, risky decisions would fall the farthest. Do not use the taxpayer to insure the rich failures and forestall the enviable collapse of the old economy. Let that go. Use this opportunity invest in the American worker, through education and universal healthcare, inspire the new, already developing, green economy, and staunch the drain on our scarce resources that is the Iraq war.

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