Monday, March 24, 2008


The financial "gurus" said $4.00 was too much to pay for Bear-Sterns, lol, because "the President of the U.S. signed off on this" Well you could have doubled your money because Chase upped the price to $10.00. They also said to hang onto your shares when the price was $60 and falling.

They also continue to claim the market may already have reached the bottom and gold, it's peak... Try listening to these "gurus" and imagine if the opposite of what they are saying is true (perhaps equally so). I am not saying that these "gurus" are just trying to prop the markets up for a bit to get their own money back out. Or trying to manipulate the prices of certain stocks so that they can use insider information. But, it would be in their financial best interest wouldn't it?

Oh by the way, the Prez also said that Bennie's doing a great job so you know he's out within the year...

From 1/23/08:

The US economic situation is bad and will get worse. Look to shift into Euros or Juan and then buy into new technologies, especially consumer sized wind turbines, alternative fuels, ultralight technologies, solar collectors, green batteries and electronics, and hi-tech materials, especially Bucky tubes. Reinvest to result in a local and worldwide diversified balance of sustainable businesses, this will be the new economy.

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