Wednesday, February 6, 2008

America's Makeover.

Hillary says that she will remake American. I believe America is using us to realize and become its true self. The same self that bore us through the nation's birth, the wars we've fought, the depression of the 30's the recessions of the 80's. America's true self is also felt in the good times, our victories both on the field of battle and on the field of honor, Fourth of July Parades, cookouts in the park, and quiet fishing trips that are over before breakfast. Perhaps most of all, Americas true self can be seen in our service to the world's poor and downtrodden. To help those without hope and without a voice up. America is in our bombs, which are mightly, and in our ability to conduct tough trade agreements, but it is keener our ability to rebuild roads and hospitals and nieghborhoods. America is seen most clearly in a child's mind when they realize that somewhere deep down they are Free too.

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