Sunday, January 6, 2008

McCain wrong on military...

John McCain says that it is no waste of young American lives to have standing armies in Iraq, South Korea, Germany, etc. Evidently he has not viewed the movie, "Jarhead." While I agree that standing armies are preferable to fighting armies, losing American lives or having Americans in foreign POW camps, I believe that this point of view ignores get the facts: National spending on military is money that is not being spent on education. Resources that are used for the military are not being used to develop new energy resources. Doctors that are serving on the front lines are not developing a cure for cancer. At best, military spending will produce little to nothing, at worst, when wielded, it will be destructive. And guess whose money will be used to rebuild what we have destroyed. We need to use diplomacy to actually solve issues in the world, use science and economic incentives to stop our addiction to foreign oil, and use bio-medical resources to allow more Americans to have longer richer more productive lives. Finally we need to get our troops off the front lines and into Colleges and Universities, which is where they will prepare themselves to solve the world’s future issues that we are only beginning to foresee.

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